International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice
Diploma in Kinesiology
International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice
ICPKP International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic®

Since 2011, Shannon has been a qualified Kinesiologist practicing in her Greensborough Clinic. She has many natural talents for kinesiology, doing Readings, medical intuition, and a long standing passion for nutrition and food as medicine.  Shannon is a specialist in assisting others in finding out what’s really at the heart of the matter and making positive change for themselves.

“I am passionate about helping others align to the highest potential in life. Whether it be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health. I am committed to supporting the whole health of each being that I get to work with and I love bearing witness to the transformative power that energy medicine can affect”

Shannon works both in person and via distance sessions from her clinic doing kinesiology and readings and sells her hand-crafted herbal products and wellbeing wares at a few community markets when the weather is fine.Shann round