Kinesiology is a natural non-invasive therapy utilising a number of holistic & other health disciplines i.e. Chinese medicine (Meridian therapy, 5-element theory), NLP, Nutrition, Mindfulness, & Creative Visualisation to name a few.

It is concerned with looking beyond symptoms addressing the body’s energy balance on many levels. A form of energy medicine that works with the needs of the individual.

A well-used tool of kinesiology is muscle testing* which is talking to the body via the nervous system. This is why Kinesiology is so effective at working on an individual basis. Any muscle (or muscle group) can be tested within a treatment so always wear comfortable clothing.

Using kinesiology we can identify causative influences that trigger health imbalance, access innate wisdom, increase body awareness and bring us back to self-regulated & self-maintained optimal health in all areas of life.

So, it can help us feel better, figure out what’s in our best interests, show us what we can do to help ourselves and can provide relief from many an ailment. It can be a lot of fun too!

Some of the areas Kinesiology can help with:

Diminishing; Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Tension, Soreness, Stiffness, Allergy & Intolerances.

Increasing/Improving; Injury, Flexibility, Strength, Structure, Posture, Physical performance, Coordination, Energy levels, Biochemical health (Nutritional), Digestive health, Immune function, Hormonal balance, Fertility, Learning abilities, Confidence, Personal Insight, Subconscious Belief Integration, Personal Goals, Motivation, Quality of Sleep, Calmness, Emotional balance, Mental Clarity, Happiness, Wellbeing & much more. We can improve or increase anything we set out to.

We are naturally self-repairing beings with an innate healing intelligence but sometimes the self-repair mechanism gets switched off or blocked. Kinesiology can identify factors that block our natural healing process. It can be subtle or it can be profound.

*Muscle testing provides biological feedback from the body, a way of monitoring the whole nervous systems response & body function in relation to whatever is being addressed at that moment. It in no way takes the place of rational thought, feelings, choice or decisions.

Suitable for any age, ability or beliefs. No wheelchair access (yet).


1st Session 75 minutes, Subsequent sessions 60 mins

Children’s sessions; 1st Session 60 mins, Subsequent sessions approximately 30-45 mins

Sessions are by appointment for both distance and in-person attendance.

A special note on distance sessions: Sessions conducted at a distance are just as effective as we work on the energetic level in the same way as is done in person.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation within 24 hours will incur a half fee.