Electrical Guidance Series

Workshops that teach you more about self care and self understanding.


Learn to muscle test  – Enhance inner communication by learning to physically read any system of your being. Biological to bio-spiritual.

This workshop will teach you the skills to muscle test yourself and others with accuracy, the science and the knowledge base of how you can apply it to everyday life. Bookings essential.


Epigenetic Healing Cycles – ‘Your DNA is not your destiny’. Our genetic expression does not have to be governed by our predecessors experiences, we can take command of it ourselves.

This workshop delves into the science of epigenetics, energy psychology, meridian health and self muscle testing. You will learn tools to release stress, pent up emotion, release pain and soothe and positively energise yourself.  It will show you how to get in the drivers seat of your inner life and dispel the belief that you are destined to express the same genetic disorders as your family.


Your Best Nutrition –  what your whole being really wants.

This workshop will cover a number of aspects of nutrition and how to test yourself for your best daily and on-going diet. Topics such as food as medicine, vibrational patterns of food, hormonal and other bio-chemical effects and potential deficiencies will also be covered.

Discover how to ask your body exactly what and how much it wants and can use everyday.


Dream Catching – Your Dream Weaver is calling.

From the Jungian perspective to the Toltecs. Enhance the direct line to your intuitive nature through your dreaming. In this workshop we look at how you can understand your dreams more readily, improve recall and even promote more dreaming.


Workshops are in held in Greensborough. For more information contact Shannon or subscribe to Body Electric Health News.